$3680 USD

Fair trade
100% hand-spun llama wool


This rug was hand-woven following ancient techniques by master weavers living in remote areas in the Dry Forest, Argentina. It is a unique textile and it takes around 2 months to make it. It was handmade using pure hand-spun sheep wool. The whole process, since the animal is sheared, takes place within the same family or community 

By choosing AWANAY textiles you are supporting the work of talented rural artisans living in inaccesible areas in northern Argentina.  


Our rugs do not have any other material on the base, just wool. Both sides of the rug are equal and could be placed facing up.

  • Hand-spun. 0.2'' high 
  • Hand-woven in loom 

Wool properties

Our wool is sourced from small sheep farms in the heart of the dry forest, same area where our rugs are hand-woven. The wool is always hand-processed: it´s sheared, washed and spun only by hand. Thanks to this handmade process our wool keeps all its natural properties:  

  • Eco friendly 
  • A natural temperatura regulator (when its warm the wool naturally cools down and the other way around) 
  • Flame proof : wool does not set on fire, it will eventually burn down if in a large fire but it won't generate flames.  
  • Stain resistant: since its rich in lanolin, it naturally keeps stains, liquids and dirt away 
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Care and Maintenance

Vacuuming them regularly, softly, and without the use of a brush is the best way to keep them looking always fresh. 

For more information please visit our Care and Maintenance section. 

Lead time: 

It takes between 6-10 weeks to finish a custom rug depending on the size and design of the rug. 


Once the rug is finished, the delivery time depends on the customer´s location. It normally takes between 3-7 days within Argentina and up to 10 days for international shipments

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