Awanay Casa

We are launching our interior design studio, AWANAY CASA!

At AWANAY we believe nature and design altogether can have a transformative impact in our lives.

 We´ve been thinking how we could help people using all the experience and knowledge we´ve gained in these years developing AWANAY rugs.

We started to think on expanding AWANAY as a concept, not only making modern organic fair trade rugs, but also, combining all these concepts into experiences, honest to our style and philosophy. This is how AWANAY CASA was born.

We´re going even further by partnering with ABODE ARCHITECTURE and LANDSCAPING STUDIOS to develop in a holistic way the home experiences we dream of.

AWANAY CASA is a DESIGN STUDIO committed to AWANAY´S core beliefs:

N A T U R E is life.

S I M P L E is elegant.

K I N D N E S S is virtue.

Q U A L I T Y is luxury.

H O M E is an experience.


We work for commercial and residential projects.

Contact us for an interview: [email protected]